How to resell with Turitop

Reselling services, or as we like to call, " Turitop Store" or " Tienda Turitop " is a powerful tool in the Turitop system that allow our customers to connect their booking boxes with online agencies worldwide.

How does it work?
Our system integrates a search engine of all services within Turitop, which online agencies use to find the services they want to resell and create clones of the  booking boxes; connecting prices, notes, and availability in real time. Automatically charging only the percentage of the commission you have previously agreed, and sending your money share instantly with the confirmation ticket of each sale.

How much does this service cost?
NOTHING, it is free. It will only affect you the cost per transaction applied by Paypal.
Visit this link to view their current rates:

What do I need to start enjoying the benefits?
Just need that you and the agencies you want to work with have a Turitop account and a Paypal account .

Send this link to the companies you want to work to open an account in Turitop:

Once they have created an account they need to go into the control panel and then to SERVICES - Resell another
service, and find your company name or your service name and click on " Resell " . Then they must enter the commission percentage they want to receive from your service ( to be arranged by phone or in person ) and click "Send Request" . At that moment you will receive an email from Turitop wherein the online agency asks to resell your service. If you accept, the agency will have a clone of your service to insert into their website .

Can I stop the action of resale?
Yes, in the control panel and "Services" you will find all your services with your resale . Pick the one you want to erase, and delete it .


We have written this text so you just have to copy and paste into your emails to you agencies or into your newsletters:


From ( YOUR COMPANY NAME ) we want to encourage you to use Turitop to resell our services through your website. We already use it and are very pleased with the results. Connect our availability, prices, notes, etc. . and so streamlines business operations.
Click HERE to inform you about how to start to benefit from this system.


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