New features - January 30, 2014

This month comes with many new improvements to our system. We hope you like them all and take advantage of them ;-)

6 new improvements: date rate discount, auto closure of events, online booking management, partial payment, six date and time formats, extra gift certificate options.

1.   Date rate discount:
It is the first choice within the discounts. Will serve to assign a time period determined the discount you want. Very useful for companies to differentiate between summer rates and winter rates.

2.     Auto closure of events :
 Very useful for private charters or any product that you want to be closed once you have one reservation, or two, or three, etc.
Find this option at PRODUCTS - TICKETS - More options.
3.     Online booking management:
We have expanded the options of BOOKING tag . Now you can change the date and time of any booking and you can even make notes of each.
4.     Partial Payment :
If what you want is to charge a certain percentage of each booking alaouding your clients to pay the rest on destination, just enter to PRODUCTS - Advanced Settings - SETTINGS, and enter the percentage you want to charge.

5.     Six date and time formats :
Not everyone uses the same format of date and time , so we made six changes to adapt to our international customers. You can make your changes at COMPANY – SETTINGS.

6.     Extra gift certificate options :
Now you can hide the gift certificate , leave default selected or not selected by default. Visit PRODUCTS - Advanced Options - Voucher , to make your changes.

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