How do I open a .csv file on Excel?

The Comma-Separated Values files or CSV are a type of file in which information for import / export is stored from / to a database; where the values of each column are separated by commas (or semicolons), and rows by newline. Continue reading to see how to open a .csv file using Excel (or other similar spreadsheet software) on Windows or Mac.

Follow these steps to open your CSV file in neat columns:

(Skip to point 3 if you already have downloaded the .CSV file)

Configure Services Without Hours

Quite a few of our clients have asked us if there is a way to configure a service so their clients can choose a day, but not a specific hour. Until we program an upgrade to the system, we can teach you a trick that will come in handy.

Resource Manager - Share or vary your services availability

Sometimes you'll want to increase or decrease the number of seats for your activities. Or you may have a vehicle, which you use in several services and want places closed automatically if it is already being used in one of these services . Perhaps you have two guides that can only cover two tours at once. For all these situations and more you can use resource management , and stop worrying for over bookings . Let TuriTop booking system do it for you.

Improvements & Features May/June 2016

New Payment Gateway - Merchant Warrior

New Payment Gateway - BOI Payment Acceptance

New ticket printing template (80mm printers)

Email notifications of payment and reimbursement by Stripe

Minor improvements and fixes (continue reading)

Send booking email confirmations from custom email

Thanks to our latest upgrade our L and XL customer will be able to send booking emails from their custom domains. 

To access this new feature go to > "Company" tab > "integrations" section > THIRD PARTY EMAIL SERVER

Improvements & Features February/March 2016

  • Full edition of booking (new icon on Bookings and Calendar tabs)
  • New integration of booking system with new features. + Info here
  • Transfers by service
  • Improvements on bookings view
  • New Stats column - Commission to pay to Agent/Affiliate
  • Minor improvements and fixes (continue reading)

Include maps, images and links using html

With these few tips you will be able to insert images, links and maps in any website or text editor.